14 July 2011

Taking on Contador

On Saturday night, Alberto and I have a showdown with Alberto Contador, Andy Schleck, Cadel Evans and the rest of the 177 riders still in the Tour de France. That's right. And we are pretty sure we're going to beat them.

This is because on Saturday, the participants of the Tour will ride a total of 168.5 km in Stage 14 from Saint-Gaudens to Plateau de Beille. Meanwhile, Alberto (not Contador!) and I will be cycling 180.7 km overnight on the Dunwich Dynamo!

Okay, so the riders of the the Tour will take care of these km's in an afternoon, while it'll take us all night. They'll be greeted by spectators and shouts of "Allez!" while the best we can hope for are some drunk Londoners shouting abuse at us. They'll have support cars carrying everything they need for the ride and more, while we'll have our saddle bags and a couple of 2-liter water bottles. And at the end of their ride, they'll get a nice, relaxing sports massage, while we'll get to feel the sensations of hundreds of little flies landing on our skin.

But the fact remains that we will ride further than Contador on Saturday. And I can't predict how he'll fare in the Pyrenees, but I can guarantee that Alberto and I will both be wearing yellow at the end of the day!

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