09 November 2011

Cycling the London to Brighton Veteran Car Run

On Sunday, we had the opportunity to take a truly unique cycle ride. We've cycled to Brighton many times, but never before have we been accompanied by almost 500 cars built before 1905!

The London to Brighton Veteran Car Run is one of the largest and longest running events of its kind, and draws participants from all over the globe. It has apparently become a tradition for a small band of cyclists to join in on the ride, as we go roughly the same speed as these old cars!

Riding along with the veteran cars.
The route was great fun, and an opportunity to cycle along a route that would normally be too busy and fast-moving to be comfortable. Instead, we cycled alongside cars for the entire route, but never felt unsafe. Because these cars are generally open to the elements, we could interact with the drivers and passengers... so much better than modern cars which make people isolated from one another on the roads.

Old cars need gas too!

There were probably about 50 cyclists in all, but we were in a group of 10-15 going at a similar speed. Some of the cyclists brought out their most fabulous and wacky bikes as well!

Cycling with doggies.

We cycled the whole route with Kepa, a Spaniard who we met at the beginning of the ride, who was great company.

Alberto and Kepa in Brighton

It was such fun to see these incredible machines up close and in motion. It was even more fun to overtake them on the hills! When we got to Brighton, we saw many cars that we had cycled along with early in the  ride, arriving hours after us! I knew it was possible, but it was still nice to have proof that we cycled faster than them!

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