06 February 2012

We didn't cycle this weekend

No cycling for us this weekend, meaning our first proper cycle ride of February will have to wait. On Saturday we were busy running errands, and Saturday night it started to snow! Our first snowfall of the season, and snow is a Pretty Big Deal in London.

We went to check it out on Sunday morning...

The roads were passable but we thought it would be prudent not to ride in such uncertain conditions. We walked up to Hampstead Heath instead.

Sledding (or sledging as the brits call it) was in full swing on Parliament Hill. There were even a few snowboarders and skiers out! We did see one intrepid machaca on a mountain bike, which made us wish we hadn't left ours at home!

The snow is already starting to melt so we're hopeful we can get in a long ride next weekend. In the meantime we're working on an exciting project at home that you'll be hearing about in the next week or so!

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