05 September 2012

Regents Park Laps

I don't really like going on 'training' rides. I prefer to plan rides that I'll enjoy, in a sensible order that enables me to build up my abilities as I go. But with Alberto gone on his Scotland tour, and facing a few weeks off the bike when I go visit my family in the states, I decided to give training a try.

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I headed to the outer circle of Regent's Park, a popular spot for cyclists to train in London due to its relatively flat loop of about 4.5km, with only a few traffic lights to interrupt your flow. Despite the fact that we only live a few kilometers away, I've never really done any training there. I've only ever tried to train there once before, but found it so busy with people crossing the road that I didn't really feel comfortable building up any kind of speed.

This Sunday was different, though. I got a late start, so there were plenty of pedestrians and cars around, but it wasn't too busy. There were also plenty of cyclists so I felt safe on the road.

Regent's park is popular with triathletes and other competitive types, which is a side of cycling I generally don't enjoy. I have to admit that chasing down guys in front of me and trying to avoid being passed by those behind was good motivation to keep my speed up!

More cyclists head into Regent's as I get ready to head home.
I finished with 30km on the day, with no accurate gauge of my average speed since Alberto's taken my GPS to Scotland with him. Still, I know I got a work out, which is all I was really after. I think I'll be incorporating more trips to Regent's Park in the future!

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  1. Well done you! I estimate you averaged >25 km/h for sure! Try to keep it up in Philly ;)!