30 December 2012

2012 in pictures

Inspired by one of the blogs we follow, we thought it would be nice to have a look at our 2012 year in a series of pictures, one per calendar month. Here we go!

January 2012: Lucy taking a break on a 100 km ride in the Chiltern Hills
February 2012: on my way to the London fish market, 4:30 am in an empty Holborn (Central London)
March 2012: our first 200 audax of the season (Up the Uts, picture by a ploddingpedro from YACF)
April 2012: Lucy blends in with the locals on the Paris Roubaix pavé

May 2012: climbing in the Peak District as a part of the Transpeninne Trail
June 2012: Lucy, Miguel and myself followed the Camino de Santiago, and made it to Santiago de Compostela after 1200 km from Bordeaux
July 2012: having a snooze at Dulwich beach, after 200 km ride from Central London on the 20th edition of the Dunwich Dynamo. This was the second time for us on this very fine ride
August 2012: the Shropshire countryside on the Kidderminster Killer 200 Audax
September 2012: Locharron, on my tour of the Western Isles of Scotland
October 2012: riding out of a thunderstorm on the Poor Student 200 DIY audax
November 2012: quick snack stop on the New Forest 200 audax
December 2012: route checking on a 50 km loop around Sevenoaks


  1. Delighted to see that my backside has made the final cut!
    Sadly I will be doing less riding in 2013. On the positive side, this is due to becoming father of a very cute baby boy in December.

  2. Hi James! Good to hear from you and many congratulations on the little boy. I am sure he will fly up those Shropshire hills in no time! All the best for 2013 and hope you can fit in some short rides.