23 March 2013

N plus 2

The British weather continues to disappoint, and we are still experiencing temperatures in the single digits (C) and snow in many parts of the country--including many areas that we would wish to ride in. This time last year we were experiencing an early spring heat wave, but this year we really haven't had any nice weather rides in quite some time. This has resulted in a string of DNFs and DNSs, although we've still managed to have some nice rides on the bike, if not as registered audaxes.

However you have to keep things interesting with cycling, and if the rides won't do it then perhaps new acquisitions will. In the space of a few days we've suddenly found ourselves with two new bikes to add to the stable.

The first and most predictable is my Long Haul Trucker, parts of which we have been acquiring for months now in anticipation. We finally got the frame itself (in actuality it was a Christmas gift from my parents) and Alberto has been diligently buidling it up over the last few days. It is now fully rideable, though lacking a few accessories like mudguards, bottle cages, and handlebar tape.

Bare frame

Good to go!
The less expected new addition also fortuately takes up less space--it's Alberto's new Brompton! A new job meant that he finally had an excuse to buy one (as he'll be able to take his bike on the train) and when he saw a secondhand one available for quite a good price he had to jump on the offer. We met the seller (a student who decided he valued cold hard cash over the joy of cycling) at King's Cross and soon we were strapping the folded bike onto the rack of Alberto's LHT. An unorthodox commute home, but a successful one.

That's Alberto looking pretty miserable in the sleet

The folder, in its folded state
Next week we'll be headed to Scotland for what is shaping up to be a very cold tour of the Western Isles and Outer Hebrides. We can only hope that April brings better weather and more chances to put the new bikes through their paces!

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