08 April 2013

We went to the Outer Hebrides for 9 days and all we got was this lousy sunburn

We're back from our Easter tour of the Outer Hebrides! Despite all expectations to the contrary, we had no rain on the Islands and had bright sunshine on all but two days.

Beach on the west side of Harris
In an unprecedented and somewhat worrying role-reversal, this led to Alberto (with his Mediterranean complexion) getting badly sunburned on his nose and ears, while I (with the pale skin of a redhead) escaped with a healthy glow.

As soon as we got off the Islands we realised how lucky we had been, as our final 8 miles of the trip (to the Inverness train station on Sunday morning) were done in snow!

Leaving our hosts' house in Kirkhill (near Inverness) for the train back to London
Full reports will follow over the next few weeks, but for now please enjoy a selection of pictures from these beautiful islands:

Exploring the beaches of Vatersay
Dusk falls at the campsite in Borve on Barra

Stunning coastal road on the west side of South Harris
A long stretch of road connecting North Harris with Lewis

Wild camping in Dail Mor, Lewis


  1. Hi there
    Some very nice pics of your trip with an amazing contrast between #1 & #2 ( separated by probably just a couple of days)!!
    It was really nice to meet you both-you were congenial company and a pleasure to host.
    Sarah and I shall look forward to catching up with the Icelandic Saga later in the year.

    All the best,


  2. Many thanks Keith! We're going through the pictures and still cannot really believe how lucky we were. It looks totally Caribbean! Just about the best and warmest days of cycling we've got to enjoy this year so far!

    It really was a highlight of our trip sharing an evening with you guys. Hope Sarah's preparations for the big trip are going well and that you get some warmth up there soon.