18 June 2013

Yet another tour to Scotland

Things have been a little quiet here in our blog...simply because we were out having fun on our bikes! Even though our Icelandic plans could not pan out, the alternative of a tour to the Northwest of Scotland did not sound bad that bad to us.

I don't tire of going to Scotland and highly recommend it to anyone who wants beautiful scenery, friendly people and stunning roads and trails. For a softie Spaniard like myself, the weather can look a bit intimidating at first, but I have so far enjoyed lots of sunny days and only very few bad ones.

This time also, we took one of our friends in tow. It is great to share our hobby with others, but we all wondered not only how Mateo would find being on the road for so many days in a row, but also how his £100 bike would cope. Well, we are glad to say he finished the tour without any issues (except a bit of a sore butt) a big smile, and a fully functioning bike!

More photos and reports to follow soon...but for now here is a taster!

Scenic start at Edinburgh Castle

Crossing the Forth Road bridge heading North

He's a cheesy man, who likes flowers

The fun beggins on the A93 through the Caignorms National Park

Probably one of the best stretches of road I have ever been on

At the top of Glenshee ski resort (~650 m)

Plenty of rivers

Machacando the hills

Lucy faces Cock Bridge and its famous 20% hill

Not as bad as it looks!

An off-road detour to Craick

Camping near Durness with strong winds (and no midges!)

Famous hot chocolate from Durness - very expensive but tasty

Beaches around Durness

On our way to Tongue, at the very North of Scotland's mainland

Beautiful scenery near Tongue - but we had loads of midges!

Leaving the mountains for Inverness


  1. That trip looks amazing! I'm very jealous. Hopefully see you guys soon for some cycling. Dan

  2. Hey Dan! Glad you like it! definitely worth going up to Scotland. iceland will have to wait once again...We should arrange some cycling in Devon soon. Hope all is good with you guys and keep in touch. Alberto