20 June 2011

Etape Cymru

I have finally registered for the Etape Cymru, the second only UK event with closed roads. It is very pricey indeed, but I have been wanting to do Etape Caledonia up in the Highlands for years and I could not get a place this past May. I thought I would give it a go before next May 2012.

Briefly, we will be in for over 100 milles of traffic-free roads in North Wales on a Sunday in October. Yes, it will probably be wet and windy down there...but skin is waterproof! The ride itself seems pretty challening, with over 2000 m incline with hills of up to 20%. My memories of the 25% Peak District hills (very short and intense ones though) are telling me that perhaps I should change my 12-25 cassette for a 11-28? We will see if nearer the time I feel fit enough... One of the passes is about 6.5 km long, which is not terrible, but certainly the longest I have ever attempted since I moved to the UK. All this has to be completed with an average of at least 12 milles/h, nearly 20 km/h. Not easy.

My aim is to complete under 6:30 hours. I will start doing long distances with decent inclines as often as I can. Hopefully all this training will help me unwind after long hours of writing-up? Here we come Cymru!

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