19 June 2011

Hertfordshire: The land of machacas

Today we discovered the land of machacas--Hertfordshire, to the North of London, on a Sunday morning.

We had somewhere to be in the afternoon so Alberto planned a quick 68km loop (42 miles) in Hertfordshire, starting and finishing at Potter's Bar train station. It was a lovely route, with many quiet lanes, and though mostly flat, it had a few challenging hills, especially towards the end. The only negatives were two non-paved sections, which were especially hard to navigate after yesterday's rains.

However, the most notable thing about this ride was the number of other machacas we passed! There were loads of cyclists out on the lanes, of varying levels of ability (from what we could tell), and we also passed (or, more accurately, were passed by) three pelotons of club rides. Two in matching jerseys, how professional!

We normally try to get a bit further away from London for our day rides, but today we learned that sometimes cycling closer to population centres also means you'll be close to other crazy cyclists. From now on, when we need to do a quick ride that doesn't take too long to get to, we'll definitely think of Hertfordshire!

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