29 September 2011

Preparing (mentally) for the Etape Cymru

In less than two weeks Duncan and I will be going cycling in northern Wales. I have found a nice map (thanks to Dave Dee) that describes the pain we are going to be through:

This is meant to be an sportive event, with closed roads. It was fairly pricey, but having missed the Etape Caledonia in Scotland, I wanted to give it a go at the closed roads. My two concerns are 1) this is the very first event of this kind held in Wales and 2) the amount of people may make it difficult on the downhills, if not a bit dangerous. We will have to take it easy and try not to walk up the Horseshoe Pass...

Almost 100 milles and more than 9000 feet (or 3000 m) incline will make for the hilliest ride on a road bike thus far for me... Pob iwc to us (good luck in Welsh, apparently!)


  1. I'll be there too. Looking forward to meeting you there.

  2. Excellent!! hope weather stays dry-ish ;)

  3. I'll be there too. I wouldn't worry about the Horseshoe Pass too much. The first two climbs (The Garth - max gradient 16% and World's End max gradient 20%) are much harder. Also I would advise you to get off and carry the bike over the ford (which is just before the steep part of World's End). I predict a lot of people will fall off here if they try to cycle across it - it's very slippery.
    Good Luck
    Ian Taylor

  4. Thanks so much for the advice Ian. Looking forward to seeing the Welsh countryside. Have a great ride and good luck too!