05 August 2011

5:30 am, cycle ride and on time for work

5:35 am: Alarm sets off. Two alarms set off. I am well known for not hearing alarms. My mum used to vacuum clean my room while I was sleeping in it...and I would not notice...nothing new!

5:50 am: Attempted to cook myself some Scottish porridge, but failed when I realised that my fellow machaca Duncan would be waiting for me at the tube station.

5:55 am: Put all lycra on and stuck my head out to test the outside temperature. It is damn hot!

6:00 am: Lucy's terribly annoyed at me because I forgot to turn off my alarms...I told ya I was bad with them!

6:05 am: I am already waiting for Duncan at the tube station, not much traffic on a Tuesday morning. Wish it was like this every day!

Bike rides 007

6:10 am: Set off towards Hampsted Heath passing via my favourite pub. Damn they are not open until noon!

6:13 am: We have already hit the worst hill of the training ride, Highgate West Hill. Good warm up! Almost run out of gears! What a killer that hill is!

6:20 am: Rain starts to fall down in London, but it's warm, so it's kinda pleasant despite making the roads very slippery.

6:20-7:00: Riding through Hampstead, pretty and posh houses. Competitions about showing off the biggest/most expensive/noisiest car starts early at around 7 am. Some of them fly past us. Soon riding up Alexandra Palace.

7:05 am: Gorgeous views of the city, Canary Wharf and central London. Really worth it getting up early! Traffic´s getting busier.

Bike rides 012

7:30 am: Duncan speeds up towards the city to put his suit on. I head towards home for a well-deserved breakfast.

Bike rides 008

7:35 am: Lucy seems awake, but she has not made me porridge. She has not been able to fall asleep after I left! Adrenaline's pumping through my veins at silly am hours. Dude, come machaca with us next time - I said to Lucy!

8:30 am: Heading towards the sauna, the newest RVC addition. Estates department seem to do pretty bad with "extreme" weather, so we get the free sauna ticket while at work.

Overall, 30 km of hilly-ish terrain across North London, 22 km/h, 1:30h riding. Great company. Good feelings!!!

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