03 April 2012

A pootle around Oxford

Last weekend, while Alberto was busy completing the Dean 300km audax, I spent a lovely day in Oxford. I had planned to participate in a 5K there, but wasn't feeling my best, so I settled for a day in Oxford, with my bike.

We had forgotten just how much of a cycling town Oxford is. It's very different from London though -- cyclists take it easy, they don't rush around trying to race each other -- and they rarely wear hi-viz or helmets. It was a pleasure to ride around amongst them, especially with the comparatively light traffic!

I had my commuter bike, or Gordita as she is affectionately known, which was great because it meant I could leave her locked up and explore on foot when I wanted to, without worrying.

Gordita and the Bridge of Sighs

Mainly I just pootled around and did some sightseeing. The weather was fabulous and I spent a long time just reading in the park. Before I knew it, it was time to meet Alberto and go out for a well deserved (for him at least!) meal. I'll admit I was a little jealous of his 300, but I'll be doing my own soon enough.

Sometimes it's nice just to take it easy and enjoy a different side of bike riding!

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