08 October 2011

Fancy building your own bike (from scratch, really!)?

I have recently discovered Dave Yates frames. When looking at his website, I came across an interesting section: Framebuilding courses.

So basically, you spend a week of full-time frame building experience and you end up walking out of the warehouse (in the middle of the English Lincoln countryside) with your very own frame that you have welded over the week. Unfortunately they seem booked up for now, but I think I will keep an eye on their website and maybe get someone (i.e. parents, gf, or wealthy friends) to treat me to some to this. How amazing would it be to return to the UK on a holiday, drink tea (drink as much as you can during the course, it's free), enjoy the wet countryside, learn how to weld steel, and have my very own frame at the end of it?! Would that not be nice?

A report that appeared on Singletrack magazine speaks by itself. A Swede also wrote an fantastic article on building his own frame. The frames look stunning (images obtained from Dave Yates' framebuilding gallery)!

John Isles' fixed-wheel

Darren Wright's racer

Ben Orson's hardtail mtb

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