02 October 2011

We are randonneurs!

We've just got back from our very first Audax 200 (215 km)! That means...we are unofficially (until we get the approved brevet cards) certified randonneurs!

It has not been easy though, the ride was not flat, it was hot, and we had a late start! A full report will follow in the next few days...but for now we are so happy to have joined that exclusive group of cyclists who are willing to give up a whole day(s) (sometimes literally) of their time to ride long distances!

22:20 Guildford-London train after a long day in the saddle

We rode for a total of 250 km, that is including from home to Waterloo, Guildord to the start and back (Newlands Corner), and a few loops in our neck of the woods to make it up to 250 km!


  1. Well done, you look much happier for not going out with us Thursday.

    Great meeting another Yank at NUS, will have to speak further next time I'm about in London about standard expat topics, such as the tragic absence of Fritos in the UK. Tragic.

  2. Congratulations!!! The first is always special.