18 October 2011

Surprise in the post...

A very strange letter was awaiting for us today. Strange because it had my own writing on it!

I had completely forgotten about those two C5 pre-stamped envelopes that I sent to the organiser a while ago when we registered for our first Audax...After a bit more than two weeks our validated brevet cards have finally arrived! So now it is official, we completed the 213 km ride in 13h 35 min!!! Well done us!

Full Brevet card with stamps and times (click to see in larger format!)

Definetely have to aim a bit faster next time!

 We're now planning the next few rides, and hopefully I will be doing a full 200, 300, 400, 600 and maybe a  1000 km series next year. Lucy remains unsure about this and keeps sending me weird looks...That will be my Reyes Magos wish for the New Year!

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