28 December 2011

A great (short) video about randonneuring

Reading stuff about long-distance cycling, touring, and the Paris-Brest-Paris has become one of my main entertainments while taking breaks from writing thesis.

One of those days I came across the Seattle Randonneurs. They seem to be one of the most well established "Rando" clubs on the other side of the pond and have published a video which describes a little bit of what we felt in our first Audax, or in any of our night rides...and yes, people still laugh at us or give us weird looks when we talk about it...Good to know we are not alone ;). Maybe we can even tag along to one of their rides if we ever happen to be on that side of the globe? Found it on yacf.


  1. Grrrrreat video and a great romantic portrait of rando. But the night traffic... OMG! No matter how hard you try to make yourself visible after dusk, you are always invisible!


  2. Glad you liked it. It really is a great video that fully describes what rando is like. We have the impression that traffic really slows down when they see you at night, much more than during daylight.