20 December 2011

Cross-training with Running


A few months ago I mentioned that I had tried going for a run for the first time in my life (voluntarily, I mean). Since then, I've had my ups and downs, but I still seem to be going for a run at least once a week most weeks. Not a long run, just 20 minutes or so, but something to get my heart going.

Now that it's winter (and especially now that I'm back home in Philly, sans bike, for two weeks) I think it's more important than ever to use running as a way to keep fitness levels up in between bike rides. I certainly noticed the difference over the course of the late summer / early fall.

Some advantages to running for winter training:

  • It doesn't take very long, so you can easily do it even when you're busy
  • Compared to cycling, it's not as important to have daylight -- useful when there aren't as many hours of daylight
  • On short runs, you're never very far from home, so you can get home quickly if the weather takes a turn for the worst
Sadly, despite all these advantages, I can't manage to convince Alberto to join me! He still says that 'Running is for cowards!' 


  1. Love the picture Lucy! Aim for a marathon with dad! I will cheer you on (cowards!)!!!

  2. Running certainly uses a different set of muscles. I wouldn't call myself a runner, but I do run quite a bit. I'm not sure if the running helps me be a better cyclist, or if the cycling makes me a better runner.

    Either way, I guess it doesn't matter, as long as I'm out there burning calories and having fun doing it.

  3. I agree Tracy! I'm sure both help to improve performance in the other sport.