01 January 2012

Alberto's New Years resolution (or the rides I want to do!)

Right, so 2012 means new objectives. The first one is to get the PhD out of the way. But that is way too boring and not too exciting at the moment. So instead, these are some of the rides I intend to do in 2012. Bring on the miles!

- Super Randonneur series: a 200, 300, 400 and 600 km cycle ride, all in one go. So far I have decided on two out of four. The 300 will be a return journey from Hull to London. The 400 a gigantic loop around Norwich in the National 400. The 200 does not worry me much as there's plenty all year round, but the 600 will be a big deal and there are not so many close to us, and logistics can be difficult. Any ideas anyone?
- Dunwich Dynamo. We enjoyed it so much last year that we cannot miss it this coming June. The annual 200 km night ride to the Suffolk coast is a must do for every cyclist. We may even try to go camping afterwards, or even attempt to cycle back to the Smoke or to Ipswich. Read our last year's report here.
- Rolling to the Stones (night ride to Stonehenge, from central London): learnt about it on the Bikeshow , it consists of a ride through the night to Stonehenge, on June 20th. You get to the ruins by 4 am, before the sun rises on the longest day of the year. It is one of the very few days that you can actually go in to the ruins.
- Way of Roses (Coast to Coast): a coast to coast ride in the UK, a classic.
- 2 day loop in the Yorkshire Dales
- Southdown way 2 days: this will be one of our preparation rides for our Camino de Santiago in May.
- London to Lille (Paris Roubaix) then down to Paris. This will be as a part of our cycle ride to Paris, something I did a few years ago, but Lucy still has to tick her box.
- Camino de Santiago from Bordeaux
- Northestern coast from Berwick-upon-Tweed
- Long weekend in Scottish Highlands
- Exmouth Exodus: the Western equivalent to the Dunwich Dynamo. Hillier and shorter though.
- Various Friday Night Rides to the Coast (Fnrttc) and Smrttm (Saturday Morning Ride to the Smoke). The Smrttm are new to us, but we will certainly give them a go in 2012.
- Land's End to John O'Groats (LEJOG): before we leave the UK we need to do this classic. It goes from the very southwest of the UK to the northernmost pint in Scotland. A long-ish tour that has been rated amongst the top 10 cycle tours to do in the world by National Geographic.

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  1. goodness gracious! that's a lot of rides! i guess we'll be busy in 2012!