02 January 2012

Lucy's Cycling Goals for 2012

Well, having read about Alberto's cycling goals it's safe to say I'm a little overwhelmed! I will not be joining him on all of those rides! However, I do have a few of my own goals for cycling in 2012:
  • First and foremost, I want to keep challenging myself and keep having fun! The rest of these goals are just ideas of how I might achieve that. 
  • Complete a 300km audax and maybe a 400, depending how the 300 goes. 
  • Gain more confidence on the mountain bike and improve my bike handling skills.
  • Get better at riding up hills!
  • Ride the Camino de Santiago from Bordeaux and swim in the Atlantic at Cape Finisterre.
There are lots of other rides I'd like to complete this year, like the Dunwich Dynamo, some FNRttC's, some weekend mini-tours in the UK, and maybe some other rides overseas, but these are the main goals that I will really have to work hard at if I want to achieve them!

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