27 January 2012

I have entered my first 400 km Audax (The National 400)!

One of my main new years resolutions is to complete a Super Randonneur series. This award is given to riders that complete 200, 300, 400 and 600 km events within the same calendar year.

I have just entered the National 400. Apparently, the 400 km distance is one of the toughest as time limitations do not allow you to get proper sleep. I think the time limit for this ride is about 27h, which means cycling through the whole night. Being a complete newbie in Audaxing, I got attracted by this particular ride when I read this on the web:

400km cycling event starting from Hempnall, Norfolk. A revival of an Audax favourite. This ride is fully supported with lots of TLC at controls. Entry fee includes food at start and finish and all intermediate controls.

So, it sees that food, drinks, and beds are taken care of. All I need to do is pedal almost non-stop for 27 hours or until I complete the 400 km loop. We went to Norfolk and Suffolk last year and loved it there. Flat and light trafficked.

I'm still trying to convince Lucy to come along on this...

Why am I doing this to myself? There's a ride happening in 2013 that goes from London to Edinburgh and back. It clocks up 1400 km. I need to get a feeling for it. And I cannot think of many other better ways of spending a summer weekend other than pedalling...

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