12 January 2013

Iceland here we come!

Geysir - the original geyser (Wikimedia commons)
It's official -- we're going to Iceland!

We booked our flights today and will be headed to Iceland for a three week cycle tour in June.

It seems that in order to avoid the disappointment of the British summer, we've decided to go somewhere where we can have no reasonable expectation of nice weather! But we do expect great scenery, true wilderness, and lots of dirt roads.

From our research so far, it seems best to avoid the circular ring-road around the island and head inland where there is less traffic, but apart from that we have not yet planned our route. It may literally be a case of whichever way the wind blows us!

Here are some blogs we've found particularly helpful in our initial research:

Our main task at the moment is acquiring the kind of gear that can handle rough weather and won't quit on us when we're miles from the nearest town (we hope).

Anyone out there been to Iceland and have any tips?

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