23 January 2013

Our visit to the London Bike Show 2013

We have learned over the years to steer clear of the commercial side of amateur cycling. Dabbling in sportives and the like has taught us that we don't really enjoy all the overpriced gear, 'electrolyte gels' instead of food, and the obsession with carbon, as if a lighter bike was all that stood between getting spit out the back of a club ride and winning the Tour de France.

But I happened to win a couple of free tickets to the London Bike Show this weekend from the I Bike London blog, and it isn't actually possible to abstain from all commercial transactions when it comes to cycling, unless we were going to start welding our own frames and knitting our own merino wool jerseys--so we decided to check it out.

The show was packed with people -- hard to believe so many of them have paid for the privilege of being marketed at all day. But it was good fun to see some fancy bikes up close, and there was lots of interesting gear and gadgets to keep us entertained.

Bikepacking ready rig from Salsa

Chris King fancy rear hub

UK-made Feather steel frame (with nice bits of Chris King stuff)

Another UK-made steel frame - would make a nice Audax bike

Bikepacking ready 29er Salsa and moustache handlebars

Check out the size of those tyres (for snow and sand riding, in theory!)

I wonder who the hell can move this
Fat tyres bike Surly Pugsley...not that useful in the UK, but still, fancy

The only Pinarellos I can seem to like
We also happened to catch the launch of a new women's amateur cycling team sponsored by the CTC (the Cyclists' Touring Club--the UK's national cycling charity). They've done it as an attempt to put their money where their mouth is when it comes to supporting women's cycling, which I like - though I'm not sure I like the emphasis on racing and competion. Still, I was glad to have seen it.

Launch of the CTC women's cycling team
After viewing the Bike Show we also took a look at the other shows included in the same ticket. At the Outdoors Show Alberto got to try out a superfancy Canon camera, while at the Boat show we got a kick out of exploring the super-luxury boats that cost as much as a very fancy house in London!

Eventually we got tired of all the sales pitches and the crowds, but it was good while it lasted. I'd never pay to attend the event, but it was a fun way to spend a day nonetheless.

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  1. Wow, I wish I took up my mates offer now and went to the show.