05 January 2013

My cycling goals for 2013

I've been putting off writing this post. Last year I could develop very clear goals around going further than I'd ever gone before, and trips that we had already planned. This year, things are not so straightforward. I've decided I won't be tackling longer audaxes until at least 2015 (if ever), and although we do have some trips in mind, they're not set in stone yet. Still, it is good to set goals, so here goes:

1. Ride 200km in under 10 hours: I may do a 300 this year, but in general I'll be concentrating on 200s and trying to get my speed up. I regard this as necessary before I start to attempt longer audaxes again. I actually have ridden 200km in 9h55, but this was as part of our 400km audax, and I was so shattered from the effort that the next 200 took us 15 hours. In 2013, I want the 10-hour 200 to become my new normal.

Trans Pennine Trail, May 2012
2. Learn to love the trails: Last year I wanted to get more confident on the mountain bike. It's true I have improved, but not to the level I'd like. I remain pretty timid when it comes to trails, which probably wasn't helped by the amount of times I came off the bike during the Camino. This really needs to change in 2013!

3. Ride more without Alberto: It's not what it sounds like! Alberto got me into cycling and a ride with him is still one of my favourite ways to spend my time. But we are at different levels and he needs to ride with a faster group sometimes in order to acheive his own goals. When that happens, I want to make sure I still get a ride in. At the moment that generally means I head to Regent's Park for some laps, but in 2013 I want to figure out a way to do more than that. 

4. Conquer Iceland: We're hoping to tour for a few weeks in Iceland this summer. It's known for its stunning scenery, but also for its unpredictable and often inhospitable weather. I know it will be a real challenge, and a real adventure. I'm hoping to come out the other side feeling more confident and anything the world can throw at us while we're on a bike. 

Peak District March 2012
5. Spend more nights in the tent: We managed a few cyclo-camping trips and tours last year -- in the Peak District, France and Belgium, and Dartmoor. But we've invested in a fancy new tent (more on that in a future post) so now we need to get out and use it! And this year I'm hoping at least one of our camping trips will actually be in nice weather!


  1. Great goals for 2013! A solution to you and Alberto riding at different tempos.......get a tandem ;0)
    My wife can't ride two wheels, but she is great as a stoker. As two very unequal riders, we keep together, chat, share views....and we each cycle to the pace that we want to. She gets a good ride, and so do I.

  2. We've thought about that...something we'll definitely look into in the future...when we move out of London & perhaps even own a car (not that we want to, but we've learnt it is otherwise too impractical - unless you fit S & S couplings!)

    Maybe a goal for 2013 is to actually ride a tandem!