10 August 2011

1,000 Miles!

Last weekend while cycling through Richmond Park in southwest London, I reached a very special milestone.... 1,000 miles on the bike this year!


(Or, more accurately, 1,610 kilometers since that is what my cycle computer measures... but 1,000 miles has a better ring to it).

I bought the Boardman in September 2010 and probably only had the chance to ride 30 km on it before winter began, so the majority of these miles were done in 2011--which is not even finished yet! And since I (well, Alberto if we're honest) installed the cycle computer on my Boardman as soon as I bought it, the odometer also displays the lifetime distance that the bike has done.

The first 1,000 miles of this year has included:
  • 2 punctures (both as a part of the puncture from hell)
  • 2 clipless falls
  • 3 rides of over 100 miles
  • Approximately 5 hills walked up
  • 10 counties of England
Fittingly, Richmond is where I put the first miles on the Boardman back in September when I was still getting used to the drop handlebars and skinny tires.


Wonder how many more miles I can fit in in 2011?!

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  1. 1000 miles? More than a London-Edinburgh-London mate!