13 August 2011

Triathlons in our future?

Last saturday, Alberto and I went to watch my friend from work, Rachael, complete her first triathlon.

Rachael hamming for the camera before the swim.
It was an olympic-distance tri in Hyde Park as part of the London Prepares series of events this summer, which are like test runs for the Olympics next summer. So the pro's competed in the morning and the amateurs in the afternoon.

Rachael has been training for this triathlon since before I even met her, and she did amazing! It was so exciting to cheer her on and we had a great time watching the many fancy bikes go past.



But I knew what would happen... I was expecting it.

Alberto turned to me and said, "Maybe we should do one!"

My first thought was NO! NEVER! But then I saw how happy Rachael was when she finished, how training for it for so long had made it an even better achievement, and it made me think twice...

Rachael encourages us to cheer louder!
I think it will be a long time before we make up our minds about this. But just to see where we are at right now (call it a triathlon audit), Alberto and I went for a run on Thursday after work. We lasted 13 minutes, for a total distance of 2.16 km (1.34 miles). So... I guess it will be a while longer before we think about a tri!

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