02 August 2011

Please wear a helmet!!!

Lucy and I have always been advocates of helmet usage. Without excuses. Even if it's too hot or you think you look silly...

I still remember the time I had to call 112 while riding a mountain bike in my home town. A fellow mtber had fallen off his bike while training on a hill and had a massive open wound on his head. It was a very hot August afternoon in Madrid. He said it was the only day he had not been wearing his helmet...Luckily he only got stitches.

We do not want to get into hot debates about using it or not, there is plenty of it on the net. We do not call to make it compulsory either, it should be everyone's own decision. But it would surely not do you any harm. So please please do get yourself one even if it is to go to the bakery shop ;)

Alastair, one of our favourite bloggers, has recently posted this video that we too would like to share:

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