01 May 2012

Critical Mass 18th anniversary & The London Big Ride

The last weekend in April has been a busy one for bike demonstrations. On Friday 27th I attended the Critical Mass, which happened to be celebrating its 18th anniversary. And the following Saturday 28th, the London Cycling Campaign had organised what it was set out to be the biggest protest ride ever in London (thus its name, The Big Ride!).

Critical Mass was surprisingly nice this time. Very peaceful and not too busy. It was dry and relatively mild, but still, not many people attended, perhaps because of the following's day event? Londoners on Bikes made a presence handing out free high-vis vests.

The London Big Ride was also quite nice. Despite the miserable rain, cold, and wind, apparently about 10,000 of us turned up to cycle the few miles from the Marble Arch to Embankment. The main purpose of the ride was to show the mayoral candidates that cycling in London has to be an important point in their agenda. The best thing of all is that cyclists of all backgrounds gave up their Saturday morning to attend this event: full lycras/carbon framed machacas, little kids, parents, grandparents, tourers, fancy bicycles, trikes, tandems etc. For a good write up, best to read this.

Below are the pictures of both events, including one from the London Cycling Campaign in which we are both featured!

View of critical mass from Waterloo bridge
Pink was the theme
Exciting going down the tunnel
Exiting the tunnel
On the Euston Road, near University College Hospital
Oxford Circus
Old faces from the Dunwich Dynamo: guy and his dogs
Fancy new Routemasters in Picadilly Circus
Trafalgar Square and countdown for the Olympics

And now, the photos from The Big Ride:

Park Lane, waiting for the go
Cyclists of all ages
5 min prior to the start and still people joining
Still smiling despite the rain
Deep messages here! "Burn fat, not oil"
And the odd beautiful Moulton, of course. 
She's been featured everywhere!
Cycling instructor from Camden and his musical instrument

What a nice view
Recumbent tandem
Stunning tall bike
Lucy in commuting mode, along the Thames
That's me, heading for the finish line

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