31 May 2012

Sunday in Hell (Paris-Roubaix video)

Hello! We're still cycling the Camino de Santiago but thought we'd schedule some posts while we're away. Enjoy!

Not so long ago Lucy and I found ourselves watching Paris Roubaix up close. Now the season seems to be well underway with the Giro de Italia and all the big races coming up.

Sunday in Hell is a superb video about cycle racing, and in particular, the Paris Rouabaix. If you are remotely interested in cycling, and want to see some of the legends (e.g. Eddy Merckx) in action then it is a really good watch. It is funny to see how those seventies bikes and gear are now sooo trendy, at least here in London. Somehow they don't see outdated anymore!

Here is the video. Hope you enjoy as much as we did.

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