23 May 2012

Herne Hill revival day

Hello! We're still cycling the Camino de Santiago but thought we'd schedule some posts while we're away. Enjoy!

The 2012 Olympics are fast approaching. But did you know that also in 1948 they were held in London? The only surviving site from those games is the Herne Hill velodrome, a venue that has been used by enthusiasts since then, but that was in need of refurbishing. Only until the opening of the new velodrome in Stratford this year, it was the only one in London.

Last year, people raised enough funds to have it resurfaced, and so it was about time that we paid it a visit. Last weekend I had to take it easy due to some pain on my knee. Weather was looking up, and on Sunday they had a revival happening at the velodrome, so it seemed like the perfect time to go down there.

Plenty of racing to see, lots of interesting bikes, and my first ever cycle jumble. Interesting day we had, and below are some pictures that we hope you enjoy. Of course, we are already thinking of having a training session down there and try go at full blast on fixies trying to emulate Chris Hoy.

Classic pennyfarthing (or ordinaries as they're called here) about to kick off

Machacando on ordinaries!

Miguel Indurain on an ordinary?

It was a very close finish, but Banesto guy won

It's not easy to get going on one of these

Racing tandems, some of them fixed

Hopefully the pilot did not eat baked beans for breakfast

Family on a touring tandem

Bob Jackson tandem

Classic fixies. I will be there soon.

Fixies speeding up

Sprint finish

Every one raced!

Seriously cute bike

He really was a pro, and his bike is amazing

Tandems banking at full speed

Cycle jumbles...or how to spend even more money on stuff you do not need

Fanciest bike on display (see following picture for an explanation)
Hard gear if you pedal forward, easier gear if you pedal backwards. Smart isn't it? painful on your muscles though!

Joff on his penny. He circled round the world on it!

Two guys competed on Moultons

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