27 May 2012

Looking forward to the Dunwich Dynamo 2012

Hello! We're still cycling the Camino de Santiago but thought we'd schedule some posts while we're away. Enjoy!

It was almost exactly one year ago when we took the roads from London to Brighton, but through the night. It was so much fun that we were soon hooked up with night riding, and have been doing as much of it as possible.

Soon after that, we discovered the Dunwich Dynamo ride, an annual night outing where some 1000 cyclists set off from a central London location (London Fields, in Hackney) and cycle the 200 km to the Suffolk coast. There's no formalities required for this one, you just turn up and ride. Meet at 7 pm at the Pub on the Park and depart between 8 and 10 pm. Assuming you ride a normal pace and don't stop too much, you will get to the beach by 6-8 am.

Happy faces in 2011 after having reached the beach, and the sun was out!
Now it is a bit over a month and a half and I have already seen some nice write ups on other blogs. People are getting excited about it. This years will be the 20th edition, so meant to be a big one!

So, if you are regular-ish cyclist and want to have an amazing experience, you should come along on the night June 30th. Riders from further afield have made it to this ride, so no excuses in you're not London-based! The only three things that are needed: some sleep beforehand, a good front light, and a working bicycle. The rest is easy. Pedal, drink and eat and you'll eventually get there. Trust me, not-super-fit people reached the beach last year, some even on a 25 kg Boris bike.

As for the return to home options, Southwark cyclists provide a coach back for £14 if booked in advance. That will drop you back in central London, but we found it so stressful that this year we're riding to a station some 50 km from the beach, for a train back.

If you fancy coming along, do let us know!

Last year's write ups below

Dunwich Dynamo 2011

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